Automate Shopify Tagging

An intuitive and powerful app to automate tagging in your Shopify store.

Production-ready workflows,
right out of the box

Tag products based on product title

Effortlessly organize products based on their titles by automatically adding or removing tags. This workflow is designed to auto-trigger upon new product creation or updates, providing the option to apply changes to existing products for comprehensive product organization.

Tag products with their vendors

This workflow will add product's vendor name as product tag. This task uses a prefix ("vendor-") i.e, the actual tag would look like vendor-Nike if vendor is Nike. You can change the prefix or remove it altogether by editing the workflow if you want. You can run this workflow manually on all products through the backdating tab to tag all products with their vendor names. Otherwise, this workflow will auto-trigger for specific products, whenever a product is created or updated.

Note: This workflow is configured to remove all tags starting with "vendor-" that will take care of removing older vendor tags if vendor has been changed and older vendor tag starts with "vendor-"

Tag products based on their variant options

Automatically tag products based on their variant options, enhancing storefront filtering functionality. For example, you may want to tag shoes in your store with "Color-Black" and "Size-10".

We support the following options that you can configure:

  1. Name of product options to consider
  2. Option name and value separator
  3. Auto-remove tags associated with variants

Please refer to the help article to learn more about these options.

Tag products based on price range

Automatically assign distinct tags to products based on specific price ranges, enhancing organization and providing a visual categorization of products within different pricing tiers.

Tag products that are on sale

Automatically tag products with variants having a price lower than their compare at price, with dynamic tag removal when no variant meets the criteria, ensuring accurate product categorization based on pricing.

Want to see more?

Check out the docs for details of the complete library.

Trusted by over 2500+ merchants

AlTerra Retail, LLC

We recently added this App and it has been a huge time saver. A great addition to keep our inventory well organized. The customer support team has been very responsive and they are very knowledgeable. We highly recommend this App without any hesitation.

Been using Auto Tags for several months now and it has made everything so much more manageable. We had a very particular set of queries :) regarding functionality and their support team knocked it out of the park but getting it up and running almost immediately. Fantastic work.
Nature Zen Switzerland

After testing several auto-tagging app, we decided to move forward with Auto-tags in regards of the reasonable pricing + the intuitive, yet powerful, functions presented. The backdating features was super helpful for us as we were just transferring from another platform. Thanks to Digvijay for his quick support and answers!
For Love & Lemons

Extremely robust app, able to easily create workflows that reduce the manual work of tagging and picks up all that is missing frim Shopify Flow (which is a lot). Their CX team is quick to respond and created flows for me without me even asking that were exactly what I was looking for.

Very happy with this app! Can do literally everything I can think of. When I made a mistake with my workflow, the team not only helped but also gifted me some extra credit to rectify the issue. Super responsive team. Would highly recommend!

If you need an app to automatically tag your orders or customers then look no further because this is the best app for the job! It works great and the development team is always there to help with whatever you need.

Such a great app, with so many handy features you can use it for. I was having trouble creating a complex auto-tag flow for my store, which I was starting to think might not be possible. However, the team was super helpful and quick with replies and help me achieve the desired result!
Luna Chick

Recently added this app and it is a huge time saver. In addition, the support is one of the best I have experienced in the Shopify app world. They were able to create a specific tagging workflow for me that makes keeping my customer base POS locations a breeze. I have since added some other tagging automations that have streamlined many tasks. This should be a core app for any Shopify store.

Great app that does exactly what it says. Easy to understand and implement. More importantly, support is fantastic. Always responds to queries promptly and offers to go above and beyond.

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