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How Leap Auto Tags Solutions helped LifeSeeds lead growth.

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Meet Life Seeds
Lifeseeds challenges the traditional notion of ageing, striving to make every year as vibrant and full of opportunity as the next, regardless of age. Lifeseeds is not just a product of scientific research; it's the manifestation of a personal journey and transformation. Inspired by the power of NAD+ in bodily function and ageing, Lifeseeds was born from a desire to change how we experience our years, making every moment count.
  • Identify new customers and greet them with special offers.
  • Identify one-time purchases and convert them into subscriptions.
As Lifeseeds embarks on this journey of transformation, we at Leap Auto Tags are honored to support their mission by providing cutting-edge tagging solutions. Let's delve into how Lifeseeds leveraged our tagging solution to enhance their operations and customer experience
We've installed and tested several apps for order tagging, but Leap Auto Tags stands out significantly from the rest. One of the most remarkable aspects is its extensive array of Workflow conditions—far more than any other app we've encountered. This app boasts test features that provide a comprehensive demonstration of whether a tested order meets each condition, making it easier to discover smarter ways to tag orders based on their interaction with each condition. Additionally, the backdating function works flawlessly. It's both fast and logical. The support team is also very responsive, getting back to us very quickly. We are extremely satisfied so far and highly recommend Leap Auto Tags.
- Mathias Lobendah, Life Seeds
To address Lifeseeds' challenge, we implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging our advanced tagging and marketing strategies.
Welcoming New Customers: Implementing a proactive approach, we created a workflow to identify new customers upon their first purchase. This enabled Lifeseeds to extend warm welcomes and exclusive offers, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty from the outset.
Identifying One-Time Purchases: Our team developed a customised workflow to detect one-time purchases and target these customers with personalised subscription offers. By analysing purchase patterns and customer behaviour, we crafted tailored campaigns to encourage subscription conversion.
With our tailored approach, Lifeseeds witnessed remarkable results:
Enhanced Customer Experience: The personalised welcome initiatives for new customers fostered a sense of belonging and appreciation. This proactive engagement strategy not only strengthened customer relationships but also boosted brand perception and loyalty.
Increased Subscription Conversion: By targeting one-time purchasers with relevant subscription offers, Lifeseeds achieved a significant uptick in subscription conversions. Customers were incentivised to commit to long-term relationships with the brand, driving recurring revenue and loyalty.
Continued Growth and Innovation: Armed with actionable insights and tangible results, Lifeseeds is poised for continued growth and innovation. By leveraging data-driven strategies and customer-centric initiatives, Lifeseeds remains committed to redefining ageing and empowering individuals to live life to the fullest.
In conclusion, Lifeseeds' transformative journey in redefining ageing has been empowered by Leap Auto Tags. Through seamless integration and innovative tagging solutions, Leap Auto Tags has streamlined Lifeseeds' operations, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns and enhancing customer experience. As Lifeseeds continues to lead the charge in reshaping the landscape of ageing, Leap Auto Tags remains a trusted ally, propelling their mission forward with efficiency and precision.

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