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Add tags to order note

You can use Auto tags to append tags to the Order note field. This is especially useful for third-party logistics (3PL) integrations.

Order notes enable merchants to capture specific information from the customer related to their order. For example, You can use order notes to collect special instructions from customers related to preparing, packing, or delivering an order. Most free Shopify themes support the order notes text box on the cart page.

Order notes are usually captured via a text input area at the bottom of the cart page prior to checkout (see the image below):

Order Note

Enable Append tags to the order note

This feature can be enabled by selecting the Append tags to the Order note field option when creating or editing an order type workflow as shown below:

If this feature is enabled, the app will append any fixed or/and dynamic tags applied by the workflow to the end of the Order Note field as well.

Order Note Configuration

Updating Order Notes field

When enabled within a workflow, every time the workflow adds tags to the orders those tags will be appended to the Order notes field as well. For example, If a workflow adds the following tags to an Order (customer-first-order, special-delivery), these two will also be added to the order note as shown below:

Order Note in Shopify Admin Panel

Is there any chance that this will overwrite the existing Order note data?

No, it won't affect the existing order note data at all and will simply add the tags as shown above to the end of the Order Note field.

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